Free Charts for Kids from My Learning Pages

Make learning fun and engaging with these charts for kids from My Learning Pages. These free printables include the alphabet, numbers 1-20, colors, shapes, days of the week, weather and parts of the body educational charts. Perfect for homeschooling or preschool classroom decorations. Download your copy now!

Free Learning Charts for Kids from


Kids are visual learners that’s why learning charts for kids are great approach to teaching. They learn better when they look and observe, leading to curiosity so they ask questions. That’s why big, simplified and colourful posters are one of the recommended starter tools for toddlers.

May it be in a classroom or home setting, the use of educational charts for kids are proven effective. They are attracted to the picture and soon begin to explore what’s in it. A perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to engage children on discovering a new concept.

Charts for kids from my learning pages

What’s included in the Educational Charts for Kids Bundle?

We aim to cover the basic topics for early learning that’s why we included the first important lessons in this set.


Here’s an alphabet poster with images that they kids can identify and learn the letters A TO Z.

Alphabet poster | chart for kids from my learning pages

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Numbers poster with number words one to twenty for kids to be familiar with counting as well.

Numbers 1-20 printable | chart for kids from my learning pages

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Here are the basic colors as additional chart to the set. We have red, yellow, blue, green, orange, violet, pink, brown, black and gray. Still working on another version where white is included.

Color poster | charts for kids from my learning pages

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The basic shapes of circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oblong, diamond, star, heart and crescent are included in this early learning bundle too.

Shapes poster | chart for kids from my learning pages

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Check out this weather poster for kids to explore and have fun observing the weather outside. Is it sunny, cloudy, windy, stormy, snowy or rainy?

weather chart for kids from my learning pages


Identify the parts of the body with our chart for kids made for either boy or girl to relate better.

parts of the body | charts for kids from my learning pages

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What are the Benefits of Learning Charts for Kids?

  • IT HELP KIDS TO FOCUS. Though not long but they find charts interesting and with a little push and guidance, we can start discussing the topic. Ask questions, play games, sing songs etc. The more engaging and involved kids are in the activity, the better they remember.
  • SIMPLIFIED. Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Color – you name it, such concepts can be overwhelming to a child. But with the help of good, creative visuals that are simplified and outlined – it becomes interesting and can be understood easier with proper approach to teaching.
  • ENHANCES LEARNING ABILITY. With this fun approach to learning new concepts, kids get to practice their creativity and thinking skills. If provided with good activities, rewards and appreciation, they are encourage to learn more and are excited to do other activities related to it.

Learning is not the product of teaching.
Learning is the product of the activity of learners.

John Holt

As a mum, I made sure to put up Learning Charts in my son’s bedroom and play area. Not only as a decoration to brighten up the space but it also paves way for him to be interested in letters, numbers and other topics that are starters for preschool. For our dear Educators, here’s a collection of charts for classroom decoration that you can try!

Educational charts are very useful for them to gain new knowledge and create an opportunity for us to bond while learning. He asks questions, we draw, copy each other, play games, make art, do guessing games, and sing songs – all these in support to teaching.

The more involved, engage and sometimes funny, mummy is. The better Seb learns. It’s a win-win for us!

Now that we covered just how great these charts are. Let us share with you a free printable of CHARTS FOR KIDS. This is in PDF format and sized for a letter document (8.5×11) or A4. You may download and use but please be reminded of our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions from

We advice that once printed is to store it in a binder or laminate for playing area/classroom setting for the preschool charts’ durability. Kids see and touch – that’s how they explore and learn. So we should keep in mind to make the charts kid-proof in a way.

Free Learning Charts for Kids from

Please note that as parents and educators, It is our job to cultivate kids for learning. Each of us has a different approach and ways in teaching – just like a kid who has their own abilities, interest and learning curve. Patience and consistency is key. They may not fully understand the concept at first but with enough exposure, fun activities and practice. Soon, they will surprise you that they already know it!

We hope that you find this Free Preschool Printables cool and useful. If yes, please share the link of this blog post.

Happy Learning and see you here again soon at My Learning Pages!

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